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7th February 2014 6.10 pm

Alezane died in her field at Le Cerisier, France with her daughter Mims at her side and her friend Extreme standing close by.
She was 30 years old and had lived with us for just over 15 years.
Mims died of colic 20th November 2014.

     Free Photos of Dartmoor UK, and Normandy and Mayenne France - places, scenery, animals and events - updated monthly

Living on Dartmoor in the South West of the UK with an ex racehorse, Alezane, and two more companion horses, I started a web site with daily postings of Alezane’s diary and needed photos to illustrate it. I also developed a site for my local Dartmoor village, which included a monthly photo album. - the basis of Dartmoor Photos.

In France, I continued to publish this monthly selection of simple, country photos until I discontinued it after August 2009.
I hope to continue publishing the site for my new village Saint Pierre des Nids.
The photos are not professional but I hope they capture scenes that are pleasing, interesting or otherwise revealing.

9 April 2011 : 149 Medieval and 22 Victorian Wood Carvings from Saint Andrew's Church, South Tawton. (under Dartmoor menu)

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